In the first half of the 20th century, anarchists from immigrant communities in the United States centered around radical newspapers; they took inspiration from the writings of their comrades, who envisioned a new world free from oppressors.

Often written in Yiddish, Italian, and Russian, these papers presented a biting critique of class, sexuality, race and gender relations of the time. Their tactics and perspectives were far from unified, but rather represented a diverse tapestry of confrontational anarchist politics and practices.

So many of these papers are lost to the seas of time. Mainstream archivists care little about our history. We need to preserve it ourselves.

These papers must be made available to all — not locked away in the reading rooms of elite universities. They must be made free to download, to search and to analyse. We do not seek to dig up corpses, but rather to preserve the works of yesteryear so that they may rekindle the embers that once raged as fires in the hearts of the oppressed.


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